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Cimetta Properties specializes in urban infill condominium, townhome and mixed-use development projects, providing a skilled team of consultants and construction managers capable of leading projects through planning and construction with a focus on delivering strong investment returns and an uncompromising high standard of finishes.

From partnerships, acquisitions or land assembly, to planning approvals and permitting, Cimetta Properties manages the development process and construction projects on behalf of owners, partners and investors. Cimetta Properties has extensive planning experience with  Committee of Adjustments applications,  Rezoning applications,  By Law Amendments and Site Plan Approval. Cimetta Properties is capable of providing turnkey solutions in a very dynamic and ever changing real estate industry.



Since 2003, Cimetta Properties  has built luxury single family homes in some of Toronto’s most exclusive neighbourhoods including Lawrence Park, Forest Hill, The Cricket Club and Rosedale.  

More recently, Cimetta Properties has expanded its footprint northbound into Muskoka, Collingwood and Blue Mountain.   With uncompromising attention to detail and a commitment to providing the highest quality finishes, Cimetta Properties aims to exceed client expectations. We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously and never marginalize the goal of bringing projects to completion on time and on budget.

From start to finish, we handle every aspect of the home building process. We will guide you through the design process, help you choose the right materials and finishes, and oversee every step of construction to ensure that your home is built to the highest standard of quality.



Cimetta Properties Commercial has been involved in a diverse world of projects, from ground up mixed-use commercial, high-rise restoration and finishing to 250 kW solar panel arrays installations and continues to provide turnkey solutions for its customers. With experience and expertise in both residential and commercial construction projects, Cimetta Properties manages the process with a focus on its fiduciary responsibility and never marginalizes the goal of bringing projects to completion on time and on budget.



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